Development Sites

Residential, Commercial or Industrial Sites

In addition to her work as a residential buyer’s agent and relocation specialist Janet has been commissioned by developers to source potential sites and purchase and negotiate on their behalf. She has worked on a number of successful projects involving complex negotiations and liaison between developers and property owners.

As an independent and licensed Agent with offices on the edge of the Barangaroo Development which is set to become the new financial hub of Sydney’s CBD, Janet has her finger on the pulse of the market with the latest information on new development sites, DA approved sites and impending re zonings. She can also assist with building conversions for potential use as backpackers’ accommodation, low cost housing or luxury conversions.

Whether you are a large, medium size or small developer or an institution expanding a portfolio and looking for raw or DA approved sites Janet can provide information on residential, commercial or industrial land or buildings with the potential for rezoning or conversion anywhere in the Sydney basin.

She has experience across a variety of residential and commercial development opportunities including site identification and acquisition, consolidation and re-zoning opportunities, strata conversions and developments, boarding houses and low cost accommodation.

For more information contact Janet direct.